Monday, October 13, 2014

Facing Those Who May Not Understand You

I want to cover a serious topic that everyone can relate to. As a college student, I have been faced with many challenges so far such as homework, midterms, finding time for friends, trying to eat healthy and exercising. The biggest issue I have faced so far was staying true to myself. I have recently joined a sorority which I really like. I decided to go to my first college party, just to see what it is like. I get to the party and right away someone from my sorority offers me a drink. I said, "no thank you" and tried to carry on the conversation. The girl looked a tad angry and asked me if I drink. I responded that I do not drink because 1) that isn't me 2) I am afraid how it will affect my diabetes. The girl did not understand and continued to pressure me. I finally was able to change the subject. Through this experience, I learned that it is more than okay to be myself. Even if others do not understand me or agree with me, it is important to be me at all times.

This lesson can definitely relate to having diabetes. Many people with diabetes are afraid to tell others that they have it. They may be afraid that people will ask questions or that they may not understand. In fact, the character Elsa from Disney's Frozen is inspired by the executive director's diabetic son Sam. In the movie, Elsa learns to not be afraid to be herself. When she learns to let go, she feels free and liberated. This same feeling is related to diabetes. Even though at first it is scary to be open about having diabetes, it feels good to tell others. Even though diabetes does not determine my identity, it is still apart of me. Do not be afraid to be yourself!