Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Last week, I was in Louisville, Kentucky for an internship with the North American International Livestock Exposition. Everyday from 7:30 until 6:30, I was working in the Press Room conducting interviews, writing press releases, and pitching my stories to editors of newspapers. I am so grateful for this experience. I learned how to write with deeper thoughts and interesting facts about livestock. The most important lessons were not learned in the press room, but in everyday situations. We were in control of finding our own meals. As a young woman with type 1 diabetes, I needed to find meals that were healthy. Everyday, I would eat a greek yogurt from the hotel's cafe and then eat a bowl of Cheerios at the press room. We had the chance to go grocery shopping at the beginning of the week so I was able to buy healthy microwavable meals such as soup and Lean Cuisines along with snacks. These meals agreed with my blood sugar levels. After a long day in the press room, the other interns and I would go out for a nice meal. This is where I would run into problems. Eating out took a toll on my blood sugars. During the night, my blood sugars would run high. To solve this problem, I made sure to order healthier meals such as salads. By the end of the week, I learned how to write to my best ability along with how to take care of myself when adapting to a new schedule. Plus, I found out that if your hotel room does not have a refrigerator, you can call the front desk and they will let diabetics rent a refrigerator for free.

One of the perks of having this internship was attending the rodeo.