Sunday, December 14, 2014

Season's Eatings

The Holidays are coming, which means a lot of food is coming our way. It is not always easy balancing blood sugar levels with the holidays but I have figured out a few ways to prevent high blood sugars while I am eating a lot of delicious food.

1.) Control your portion sizes
It is okay to eat Christmas cookies, as long as you make sure to eat a decent-sized portion. When I was younger, I would over eat when it came to desserts. I remember going to Christmas parties and trying at least one of each dessert, which lead to a long night of high blood sugar levels. Today, I set my limit at two cookies. I recommend setting a specific portion size before you start eating.

2.) Always make sure to include as many food groups as possible
Christmas dinners are always lovely. My family has a buffet style Christmas dinner which makes it hard to control my eating. To prevent high blood sugars, I make sure to choose some options that are not carbohydrate-heavy and eat different food groups. For example, I may eat mashed potatoes and a dinner roll, but I make sure to have a source of protein by eating chicken and vegetables by eating green beans. That way, I am not eating all carbohydrates.

3.) If possible, choose sugar-free
I know that these days there are many sugar-free dessert options. If possible, try to make a sugar-free dessert that everyone will enjoy.

4.) Drink water
I heard that the day of a big meal, you should drink two glasses of water when you wake up. By being hydrated, you will feel full and not want to pig out later.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday.